Phase 2 – Learning more about young people and education

Why were the young people of Bradford far behind their peers? This question formed the foundation of many years of thought and working with young people in different contexts. A clear link was established between where a child lived, the quality of the education recieved and the child’s life chances.

In 2011 Engaging Young Minds came about (as a non – profit organisation to work on educational youth work) out of a visible need to help economically deprived children excell in the arena of education and thereby their life, in a wholesome way.

In 2013 I applied to Teach First to get an opportunity to learn more about education so Engaging Young Minds could be steered in an evidence based direction and have a greater impact on the learning and the wholesome development of young people (and if I saw that being in a school had a wider impact to remain there). I am still figuring out what I’d ideally like to do, but for now I am enjoying learning more about the way we teach and learn and educational systems to help educational environments and pupils in less advantaged areas thrive.

The two years which followed were incredible (in the highs and lows). They gave me alternative insight into the lives of young people and I learnt a lot about what is needed to help young people excell, academically and personally. Some of my ideas changed, some I gained evidence for, some became more murky and others caused further questions to arise. I am constantly learning.

Through the two years I jotted down my experiences but decided to take a hiatus from blogging and Engaging Young Minds (in its original form) in order to allow my thoughts to develop, mature and deepen.

In the comimg months I hope to use this platform to share case studies and experiences starting with what happend during those two years. I will (mainly) share insights relating to teaching and learning, and by that, at times, key development points and moments which reinforced or changed my previously held thoughts.

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