Too much data; too many meetings: stop talking and do something.

“Let’s go lean on data, lean on meetings and use our common sense to generate a menu of practical interventions that are meaningful and deliverable.”


Cao1IfcUMAAb26J Most data systems.  Many EHCPs 

In recent weeks, I’ve been thinking about the huge imbalance between the time and effort we spend identifying issues relative to the time and effort we spend doing something to address them.  There are two main areas where this imbalance comes into play:  assessment data and ‘referrals’.

Here’s a thought experiment (One I’ve used before):  Your entire data system at school is wiped out and your mark book is accidentally burned in a fire.  How upset are you?

The fact is that most teachers could zip through their class list in a few minutes re-creating an assessment profile and cause-for-concern list.  We know what the issues are. Usually, when the data system spews out the RED flags of concern, it is absolutely no surprise.  Occasionally, of course, something unexpected pops up but mainly, we already know because of the richness of our interactions with our…

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